Bubu Gege is the new brand of baby clothes. Bubu Gege was created with desire to improve comfort of baby clothes! While creating the first Bubu Gege pants on designer`s mind was baby's happiness, not sales or marketing!  We can proudly  say : It's about time to have this brand on the market! Bubu Gege was created from the love and kindness for a baby.


A word from the designer:

  • WHO AM I?

By education I am a graphic designer, but through my life I developed sewing skills, that brings me today in to the world of babies fashion.

But in this story I am not the most important...Babies are, so let me tell you a few words about their growth, development and needs.




   Before babies are born they spend nine months in water, in mummy`s tummy. After birth they should be comfortable like they are still in water. Am I right? That's why I designed the first Bubu Gege pants, and that's why I decided to give an opportunity to every baby to be comfortable, happy and free in motions like they deserve to be. 

By choosing Bubu Gege clothes you are choosing healthy, comfortable and modern clothes for your dearest. If babies could choose, they would definitely choose the Bubu Gege! 

Let's keep it simple and beautiful!



Have you seen how cute babies are while they are sleeping?

During the first year of their life babies are sleeping more than they are awake. Have you noticed how they like to spread their legs while sleeping? In fact, that`s very important for hips development! 

In Bubu Gege clothes it is so easy to move! The Bubu Gege pants are designed to get high criteria of health, comfortability and fashion that babies deserve. Bubu Gege is one of the most comfortable baby clothes you will find on the market.

Happy sleep,roll and crawl!


Why did I start to design Bubu Gege pants?

 I noticed that the clothes that I bought for my baby weren`t so comfortable as I thought they would be... most pants were too tight, so I decided to design something new.

In my mind I had a vision of a happy baby who sleeps, moves and crawls happily and freely. I decided to start from scratch. I used a sewing machine that was gift from my dear grandma.
I like sewing and I have been sewing for long as I know my self :) . So I just took some cotton materials that I had at home and I made the first Bubu Gege pants!
 The first Bubu Gege pants were perfectly designed and perfectly fitting on my baby girl! In this picture above you can see my dear daughter wearing the first Bubu Gege pants :)

 After the first success I was encouraged and I developed different sizes while my baby was growing. At first I was sewing them only for my kids and babies of my family and friends. They were delighted! That`s why I decided to open this webshop and to get an opportunity for babies all over the world to get Bubu Gege pants. Designing baby clothes really fills my heart with so much joy and happiness!




I am proud to share with you Bubu Gege design, inspired by love and care to serve many other happy families. And I am grateful to have in my team two adorable kids who constantly challenge my imagination and my husband who was supporting when I told him how I want to start my own company.

Wishing you all the best and many thanks for your purchase. Thank you for making my dream come true :)

Many thanks to my family and friends for great ideas and all advices.

Lots of hugs and kisses to my sweet baby models and many thanks to their mummies :)

Yours sincerely, Milena


Babies first! 

Let's keep it simple and beautiful! 

Let your Baby be a Baby!